Do you control your tech?
Or does your tech control you?

I'm a bespoke tech monitoring, troubleshooting and management platform to help you
turn the tables on technology and take total control over it.



I believe that one size does not fit all, even when it comes to remote monitoring and management. Thanks to my proprietary 4 Wall Strategy, I am the extensible monitoring & management system, that reaches beyond general computing platforms, to the peripherals and software that run on the devices. With me, you can enjoy true control over your IT.

Do you have any devices in your IT infrastructure which are beyond your visibility? We will integrate them with MATRIX24x7 in just 10 working days.

Agent Integration Wall

Extend MATRIX24x7 to any device and configure easily without core team's involvement

Middleware Extension Wall

Connect MATRIX24x7 with endless touchpoints and introduce multiple services and ecosystems

Front End Extension Wall

Data Driven Front End Architecture that reflects all agent changes automatically in the dashboard

Database Extension Wall

Built around processes and standards that prevents the database from being a hindrance to extension


Who Do I Serve?

Digital Strategy &
Transformation Executives

Freedom to discover and invest in the tech for tomorrow's enterprise, while not losing sight of the present

How Do I Serve?

System Integrators

Understand the challenges of your customer and collaborate to create better solutions for sustainable growth

How Do I Serve?

Key Benefits

  • Customize and extend built in capabilities to suite business specific needs
  • Hassle free integration with existing systems, devices and infrastructure
  • Centralized remote monitoring and configuration
  • Touchless troubleshooting for efficient systems management
  • Choice of flexible deployment options from
    on premise to cloud
  • Minimize unexpected downtime of business critical systems


Top Features

Centralized Monitoring

Simple, intuitive dashboards produce live status updates about the IT systems and infrastructure

Rule-based Diagnosis

Setup custom rules to monitor device health status and integration with helpdesk management systems and other channels

Centralized Troubleshooting

Enhanced remote troubleshooting capabilities

Extensive Customization

Front-end extensions to create tailored troubleshooting and management UIs to suit your needs

Management Information Reporting

Custom reports catering various management information needs