Digital Strategy & Transformation Executives

Top 5 board priorities

for IT to address in the enterprise

  • Improving business processes
  • Delivering consistent & stable IT performance to the business
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Saving costs
  • Enhance the customer experience

Source: Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2018

Improving Business Processes

A single unified solution provides the basis to streamline all system monitoring, control and troubleshooting activities. With MATRIX24x7, people and processes could be better organized around key monitoring, control and troubleshooting roles, responsibilities across enterprise IT functions. MATRIX24x7 information dashboards helps users to focus on key metrics and KPIs for IT systems performance.

This gives better clarity to end users on who is responsible for what and enhances individual and team responsiveness in case of system failures to quickly restore normal operations.

Consistent & Stable IT

Real time monitoring is a key facet of the connected enterprise as it facilitates seamless operation of mission critical systems. MATRIX24x7 enhances real time monitoring capabilities of business critical IT assets with the flexibility for specific configurations and customizations. Proactive monitoring and intervention helps to reduce system outages especially during peak business hours.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

MATRIX24x7 offers a unified solution to remotely monitor, manage, report and initiate action on your systems, devices and applications. MATRIX24x7 users are guided through troubleshooting steps helping them to reduce the learning curve and improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of systems troubleshooting. Powerful extensibility features of MATRIX24x7 delivers unmatched flexibility to quickly build custom monitoring, control and troubleshooting solutions for different business needs.

Reducing Costs

MATRIX24x7 enables Touchless Troubleshooting. Diagnosed issues with devices and applications could be resolved from remote locations. Tasks could be delegated across geographies for operational efficiency and cost optimization. Centralized and automated system monitoring, control and troubleshooting helps to reduce the manual effort to maintain the health of enterprise IT.

Better Customer Experience

Reduced system outages due to proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure help businesses deliver consistent customer experience across existing physical and digital touchpoints. As evolving customer expectations demand new innovative solutions across customer touchpoints, businesses can deliver stable and consistent performance of new solutions thanks to tailor made remote monitoring from MATRIX24x7.

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