Enterprise System Integrators

Single system to monitor and

As a Systems Integrator (SI), you work with a host of heterogeneous devices and systems from multiple vendors and typically need a Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solution for each such proprietary device. But, what are the benefits of having one unified solution over many?

Reduce costs involved in learning and maintaining multiple RMM solutions

A single system reduces the operational burden and streamline processes resulting in less overheads and costs.

Single version
of the truth

A centralized system reduces the risk of information loss and omissions due to constant shuffle between multiple system.

MATRIX24x7’s device agnostic approach to RMM enables each and every device to be monitored and controlled through a single unified interface, allowing for efficient usage of infrastructure and streamlined operations. Other key benefits to Systems Integrators are as follows.

Perform precise troubleshooting

Other RMM solutions only allow a very specific depth and extent in terms of what can be monitored. When dealing with heterogeneous devices, this is rarely sufficient. Each device would have its own nuances which requires the RMM solution to be extensible to incorporate the right monitoring and management needs for that device.

Furthermore, the usage for each device would give rise to scenarios which are even more different. MATRIX24x7’s facilitates multi-dimensional extension of its functionality through intuitive APIs and SDKs, which allows capturing data and performing remote control and configuration operations in unique and specific ways to each device and use case.

Facilitate consumption based monetization

Everything from hardware to software, enterprise buyers increasingly favor a consumption based infrastructure which gives them the flexibility to define, consume and pay only for those outcomes with a clear alignment with business metrics. SIs need to capture the data related to systems usage and service levels in order to enable such consumption based models.

MATRIX24x7 remotely connects with the systems and collects data on system usage, uptime, downtime etc to enable consumption based offerings. Based on specific capabilities exposed by individual systems, MATRIX24x7 could be extended to capture additional parameters to create creative monetization strategies.

Meet SLAs from SIs side and resolve any disputes

SLAs are a vital, yet tricky part of an SI’s business. No matter how hard you work to take precautions that ensure SLAs are met, it is very challenging to prepare for every single permutation would face in the client environment, especially when there are multiple dependent systems.

The extendable monitoring capabilities of MATRIX24x7 allows you capture very specific information not only about your target system or device, but also the status of the dependent systems and services. This helps in quick root cause analysis to identify SLA violation and resolve any disputes as to what triggered a system malfunction.